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Writing Winning SSD Briefs from an OHO Adjudicator

July 25, 2019
7 - 8:00 pm Eastern

Course Description

This course will provide brief writing tips from the perspective of a former Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) adjudicator and decision writer. Course will include maneuvering the electronic file efficiently to find important case facts. Tips will include drafting briefs persuasively and efficiently to increase productivity and win more cases.Instruction will cover exceptions and forewarnings of each step of the 5-Step sequential evaluation.

Target Audience

  • Current practitioners
  • New Eligible for Direct Payment Non-Attorneys (EDPNA) practitioners
  • New attorney practitioners
  • Recent graduates of law school and paralegal school
  • Office managers, legal assistants, intake specialists, and other office staff

Accessibility Features

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Terri M. David

Principal, Terri M. David Consulting

Terri is a Social Security Disability (SSD) representative and brief writer. She worked with OHO for 13 years as a senior attorney adjudicator and ALJ decision writer. As a former middle and high school teacher as well as OHO national trainer, she continues to consult and teach SSD professionals on how to win more cases through advocacy and persuasive writing. If you are interested in Terri's products and services, please visit her website at terrimdavid.com. You can also email Terri at terri@terrimdavid.com.
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